Works in action thus far ! 

Been slightly busy recently with work and everything, but I’m still at the painting. Some more altercations to these fellows but its all progress ! 
Ciao x

Going over some old pieces a few more times. Needing a new lens for the camera though :/ 

Workin’ on it (Blurry)

In the studio  …….

In the studio  …….

Workin’ on it 

Kabaka Some minor changesOil on canvas 


Some minor changes
Oil on canvas 

The studio , the draft,  the work in progress 

 Painting old canvases can have slight draw backs/happy accidents. Whilst painting this, over night, the paint decides to flake and trying to paint over a hole appears. 

Not too sure what to do with this now, sort of like it with the scrapes, holes and the wrinkled canvas. For now it’ll just sit and wait

Lucked out 

Canvas and oil 

New Studio space = new work 

Just moved into the new flat and all that awaits is the desk to finally arrive, till then this’ll do. 


Just moved into the new flat, meaning new studio ! Also means I havent been posting due to many many boxes and more canvases to move. 

It’ll be a week till my next post due to no wifi. Till then I’ll fill my head with Bukowski and Bandini and some National Geographic. 

Anonymous asked: I thought you were my cousin Fred for a second! :-)

Ahh sorry for the illusion but …….. freds not even my real name :o 


 Oil on canvas. 

Possibly putting in a few more changes along the way, but for now its time to get some food inside !

 The story so far, still some to go, just another progress shot. 

  Working on it in the sun. 

Cup of tea, spray paints and some Django Reinhardt

Studies of the youth 

Oil on wood 

in progress