Study Oil on canvas 


Oil on canvas 

Earth, Wind & Fire - Show me the way

  Heading into the studio.

  Gomorra Just messing around with this one Oil and acrylic


Just messing around with this one 
Oil and acrylic

Late night art sesh 

Been slightly absent from posting but got some up and coming things happening/catching up on sopranos
 Got slightly frustrated, just judging the paint strokes before they had even happened so i decided to just take it in a new direction and try out some acrylics and using only my hands some found objects around the studio. 

 i’ll get some cleaner photos of the new pieces soon and hopefully finish up a few others in the process. 

Ciao ! 


Oil on canvas 


Oil on canvas 

Anonymous asked: Your work is amazing.

Thank you so much ! Glad you enjoy it, no need for anonymous, but thank you again kind stranger 

In the mix/Peeking sneaks.  . ..

   A shot of one I’m working on currently, amongst a few others that’ve been put to rest. Slowly starting to explore the mixture of acrylic and oils together and having fun with it. 
 Also putting together a society 6 page which is just starting to come together, only needing to put some more recent works on there !


If you’ve ever wanted to buy some art from me, heres ye chance ! Putting up a society 6 shop for all indulgence. 
Still in the process of putting art works up etc so bear with me before its fully updated but …… GIMME YOUR FOOKIN MONEY

  Works in action thus far ! 

Been slightly busy recently with work and everything, but I’m still at the painting. Some more altercations to these fellows but its all progress ! 
Ciao x

Going over some old pieces a few more times. Needing a new lens for the camera though :/ 

Workin’ on it (Blurry)

In the studio  …….

In the studio  …….

Workin’ on it 

Kabaka Some minor changesOil on canvas 


Some minor changes
Oil on canvas 

The studio , the draft,  the work in progress